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And Then There Was a Book

We have an activity coming on the 29th of April, in Liverpool Central Library, surrounding the coronation.

And when we were discussing what we’d do for the coronation, Chris innocently said the words, “coronation chicken.”

So… Obviously… By the next day, I’d roughed out a story and drawn some chicks. Like a normal person. Right? Right??? Why is everyone walking away???

I came up with a short story about a chick called Carlos who wants to be King of the Coop, and ends up learning a valuable lesson about what’s most important in life. And digitally drew Carlos and his nest-mates.

And for the next month (which felt like a week, because time flies when you’re only ever thinking about one thing), I refined the story and drew more barnyard scenes.

Did you know that chickens are just silly shapes? You can pretty much draw anything and it be a chicken. Best animals for drawing. And did you know that pigs are just a super weird shape when you actually sit down and look at them and draw them? Yeah, it’s straight up weird how pigs end up being put together. Kind of, sorry vegans, like sausages with legs and a face.

Anyway, if you come to Central Library on the 29th between 10 and 2, we’ll have a copy of the story, a crafting activity, and a techie activity for the kids. The story is aimed at younger kids, but there will be something for every kid to enjoy :)

See you there?