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STEAM Engineers is above all a community where everyone is welcome.

Currently the team is made up of:


An artist and maker with too many skills to list here. She’s got years of experience delivering community workshops for children and adults alike. You can see a sample of her work here.


Chris Huffee has a degree in physics and is a qualified teacher. Chris is a keen photographer and maker. His Instructables can be found here. Chris’s work teaching digital making to children and adults inspired Snoof to start volunteering, and inevitably led to the partnership you see here.


Finn is 13 and is our code expert. He has extensive experience in managing tuck shops, and helps us write and deliver our workshops. He’s also an avid gamer who dabbles in wildlife photography, and has a strong interest in science (especially biology) as well as history and geography.

On our advisory committee is:


Adrian literally wrote the book on IoT and was one of the founders of DoES Liverpool. If you know you know, and if you don’t you really should find out.


Vicky Connolly is local to Liverpool and works in ambulance dispatch. She has a keen interest in digital making and has been a part of the wider STEAM Engineers family since its inception.