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STEAM is for everyone, and we want to do everything we can to make that a reality. We do have age restrictions on our sessions, which will be clearly communicated on any event listing.

We have, in the past, worked with very anxious children, as well as a vast array of neurodivergent and otherwise disabled people. Snoof is multiply disabled (among other things - autistic, ADHD, and a wheelchair user) and we approach accommodations not as a “special” need but as a normal need that needs to be addressed in a way that isn’t considered standard. For example - requiring a way to access the space isn’t a special need, just because someone needs it to be step-free. People who can walk without trouble get to access the space, so it’s a normal need that needs to be addressed a little differently for someone on wheels.

We will always do whatever we can to ensure access is possible for as many people as possible. This isn’t foolproof, as competing access needs can sometimes cause problems, and as we don’t currently have our own space. We will provide accessibility information regarding venues on the event listings, and if you have questions about accessibility, or requests for specific accommodations, please contact Snoof. We will make it a priority to work with you to ensure everything that can be done, is done.

If your child wants to attend a session, but wants their parent to stay, we can work with you to make sure they are comfortable.