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On one hand, it feels like decades since we had to roll up the Sandbox operation. But on another, it always feels right in easy reach.

Chris did a PGCE, I trundled about, we kept busy. But we both missed the specific joy of teaching digital making and art in informal settings. I think I speak for both of us when I say that the ability to help people set and reach the goals that were important to them, was leaving a hole in our lives.

And then, a month or so ago, we decided it was time. We discussed names (Finn led us to this one, because of course he did), designed a logo, set up a website, talked about the fairest way to manage finances. And then we registered the company.

Back to passing SVGs back and forth like illicit notes in class, back to meetings with libraries and community groups, back to coming up with activities, back to business cards and blog posts.

Seán, who runs the Little Peacock alongside Liz (and who works for the also awesome DoES Liverpool part time), had been involved in a slow chase. Showcasing man’s greatest talents as a persistence predator (hahaha), he sent emails at respectful intervals starting at the inception of the Little Peacock.

Will you do sessions? Are you ready? Does Chris have time now? When will you come? Always with the shining belief that we were the right people for the job. Thank you, Seán, and Liz. For believing it, and for not giving up. It can’t be overstated how much it helped to have people there, not just at Peacock but at DoES and in all the nooks and crannies where the greatest people hide, who made it clear they were expecting us to get back to it.

It seems only right that our first sessions are taking place at Little Peacock, next week (details on social media). And we’re already working on more sessions, in more locations, coming as soon as we can make them happen!

We can’t wait to get stuck back in. Can you?