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Lots to Do

Been a bit quiet, haven’t we? We’re working really hard to secure some funding. One of our issues is that we don’t own our own equipment, and borrowed equipment often needs to be used by the people who own it.

But! We’re working on it, and luckily we have the force of nature that is Denise from the libraries to help!

In the meantime, we’re preparing to do some Jubilee-related activities in the Central Library on Saturday. We took this week off because we thought it would help us to get some downtime, but it turned out we just jammed our schedule full of other things, instead :) Who could’ve predicted it?

Hopefully we’ll have an update soon introducing our own new laptops, and some clubs at DoES Liverpool. But we’re definitely still about, just quietly beavering away to try and get some Is dotted and some Ts crossed.

Wish us luck!